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Willapa Kumamoto Oysters
Willapa Kumamoto Oysters
Absolutely pure Kumamoto oysters are the aristocrats of oysters for half shell.
Kumamoto oysters - Crassostrea sikamea - originated in Kumamoto Bay, Kyshu Japan
Kumamotos grow in suspended floats.
They are plump and succulent.
Harvest is by hand at low tide. See tide table.

Fresh Willapa Kumamotos measure from 2 to 2 1/2* inches long. Kumamotos have
sculptured fluted shells with very deep cups. The cups hold lots of delicious nectar.
Meats are firm and crisp. Luscious flavor is fruity and slightly briny.
* Size will vary slightly depending on harvest

We ship FedEx Overnight or 2Day to anywhere in the USA.
FedEx Home Delivery is available to Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.
Home Delivery shipping costs only $20 for any size package.

All oysters are grown in clean, cold, pure Willapa Bay waters and
harvested the same day we ship them to you.

Fresh Live Kumamoto Oysters sold by the dozen.

1 Dozen Kumamotos
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See The Nibble review of our oysters.                       See our Ratings.                               Call us toll free at (877) 284-6625.
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