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Oyster Cookery
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Delicious Oyster Recipes

Historically, Oysterville, Washington, has been acclaimed for its abundant and delectable oysters,
and this pearl of seafood cooking has never been more popular. Former Oysterville resident
and award winning cook Sharon Montoya-Welsh updates her best-selling 1984 cookbook,
Oyster Cookery, with both traditional and modern recipes that highlight the delicate flavor of this
favorite bivalve. Purists will delight in traditional recipes such as Oyster Stew, Oysters Rockefeller,
and oysters raw on the half shell, while the more adventurous will be thrilled with recipes like
Oyster-Stuffed Bell Peppers, Oyster and Sausage Gumbo, and Oyster Shish-Kebabs.
With fun facts and charming commentary about this picturesque Northwest town, this book
has been a favorite at oyster festivals up and down the coast, and is sure to become
the choice cookbook for any oyster enthusiast.

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