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Food SafetyShellfish Safety for Fresh Live Absolutely Pure Shellfish
As soon as you receive your fresh live shellfish, please follow these simple steps:

1) Remove fresh live shellfish from our packaging.
Put in an OPEN container and cover with a very damp cloth. Put in your refrigerator (do NOT freeze).

2) Do NOT immerse in water.

3) Do NOT put in an air tight container (no closed lids).

4) Use fresh live shellfish as soon as possible after receiving. We supply the freshest shellfish available and recommend that you use it
within two days after receipt. Shells should be tightly closed (so that you can't pull them apart), or should close tightly when the shell is tapped.

All our fresh live Pacific oysters and fresh live Manila clams are grown in Willapa Bay, the cleanest estuary in the continental USA.
We guarantee fresh live shellfish that will always be absolutely pure and extremely fresh.

We are proud of our Shellfish Operation License and Certificate of Approval backed by HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - Certification. Certification is granted by the State of Washington Department of Health Food Safety Programs in accordance with the Model Ordinance of the National Shellfish Sanitation Program of the Department of Health & Human Services.

We are equally proud to put our Shellfish Shipper's Tag on every bag of fresh live oysters and clams.
The tag provides our company´s name, address, telephone and Shellfish Shipper´s Certification Number.
The tag shows harvest date, shipping date, harvest location, type and quantity of the fresh live shellfish you receive.

Harvest Location indicates the Specific Shellfish Bed harvested. You can verify locations on the Map below:

Shellfish Operation License and Certificate of ApprovalShellfish Shipper´s TagWillapa Bay Shellfish Bed Map

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