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Whole King 10 lb
Whole King 10 lb
Whole King 10 lb
Item#: Whole_King_Salmon_10_lb
More coming soon!

Whole Wild Columbia River King Salmon, magnificent fish, are renowned
for flavor, texture and appearance.

A whole fish offers multiple possibilities for preparation for special occasions.

We also offer 12 and 14 pound fish.

Fish are "troll-dressed" with head on.

All fish are wild caught and very fresh.

We ship these fish only on Wednesdays and Thursdays and need your order a minimum of 2 days in advance.

Shipping must be FedEx Overnight only.
Individual fish weight may vary slightly.

See The Nibble review of our oysters.                       See our Ratings.                               Call us toll free at (877) 284-6625.

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Orders received by 8:00 AM PST Monday August 08th ship Monday August 08th or a later date you request at checkout.

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